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Company Tab

Company tab to manage company information, it very pretty company dashboard screen with a user-friendly design, no need to train employees.  single click to make a punch in and punch out.

Company dashboard shows all information listed daily used purposes like, employee office time, punch in and punch out time, week off, and holiday.

Attendance Tab

Attendance tab to employee can see own attendance and of he is ownner then they can see all branch attendance count.

Your view option on see the employee on month statistics, leave count, wages for currrnet month and today attendance sumary.

1 Chat, 50 Languages

See Messages in your chosen language 

Get Things

Assign Tasks to family, friends, colleagues in a click. Tasks appear in their to-do’s automatically

Never miss any meet

Schedule Virtual Meet and Everyone automatically gets video call back to join.

Designed by Indians

For Indian Businesses & Communities

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& Personal Life App

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Be Productive.

Never-Seen-Before Features

Today Tab

Schedules are automatically listed with your to-do’s, company attendance status, cloud drive, notes reminder, pending approval, assigned tasks, virtual & physical meets, calendar events, birthdays, self notes, chats, etc. for the day all under one tab.

Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks to Friends/  family / colleagues and the same automatically appear in their respective to-do’s. Also create your own to-do’s. All tasks / Meets are fully integrated with the chat feature, where uniquely you can chat with each other within the task thread and complete the task.

Schedule Virtual Meet & Forget

Schedule Virtual Meet with individuals or Groups and every participant automatically gets a video callback at the start time to join. No need to share links, call individually and remind people to join the meet.

Auto-Translate Chat

One chat 50 Languages! See chats in your selected language. Language barriers should never become productivity barriers. Get real-time
automatic translation with support for 50 languages.

Dynamic Repeats

All Tasks/Meets can be set for Auto Repeats. Apart from the regular Fixed Repeat features on daily / weekly / monthly / yearly option, users can create a Task with Dynamic Repeats.  EasyDo app will dynamically maintain a periodic interval and remind the user.


Add a geo-location to tags (work, home, social). Not just color themes giving users the possibility to auto filter and show lists with “work tag” when they arrive at the work location.

Recurring Tasks

Event (Task / Meet) Repeats are created only after the current task/meet is completed, unlike most apps which create all repeat events at the time of creating original task with repeats. Thus this app keeps your list short and easy to grasp.

EasyDo AI

Helps you with live interbank exchange rates, Weather & real-time flight status in one app. Most entrepreneurs jump between multiple apps to get this information at the time of need.


Create a Task Under 30 Seconds

On average, it takes about two minutes to create a task in a productivity app. Easydo Chat enables you to create tasks in less than 30 seconds

EasyDo AI

Easydo AI will display all of your reminders, notifications, status changes, and activities in one convenient location.

Disappearing Messages

Messages sent to individuals or groups can be configured to disappear after a predetermined period.

Virtual Attendance

The color-coded status bar indicates the attendance/non-attendance status of all participants.

Chat Individually Within Groups

In addition to group messages, members can communicate with one another individually within a group

Ease of Use

Easydo has been designed with a range of use cases in mind in order to provide the user with the maximum simplicity of use.

No Training Required

What Our Users Say About Us?

Utsav Bhatnagar

I had heard about this from a friend and it has changed my life. It is so convenient. My sister can’t wait for the IOS version to come out.

Dhara Golakiya​

This is great and one of the best productivity app. Really loved this app!

Nishan Bhattacharya​

Very useful app with all day to day necessities for personal and professional life. UI is very smooth and user-friendly.

Aditya Ghosh
The perfect app for all my business and personal tasks and activities. The voice and video call is the best I have used. The chat flow is very smooth and efficient. The task and bot is extremely helpful. It is an app where all my work can be tracked and completed. This will be my goto app from now on.
Excellent!!! 👍👍👍 Finally a business chat app that takes care of Todo list, task, meetings & Video conferencing Meet, Calendar events, birthday wishes to clients all in one and fully integrated. Voice & Video call quality is great. Time to say goodbye to whatsapp. Well done! This is exactly what I wanted..
Very user friendly app increases your daily efficiency by a lot would definitely recommend 👍🏼

Make Life Easy

EasyDo is a Productivity App that makes organising and managing personal and work life easy on the go. A stand alone App, where you can plan, organize, meet and collaborate with ease, fully integrated with feature rich chat.

Company Detail


Company Address: 104, SHYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJEE ROAD,, ROOM NO-304, 3RD FLOOR,, KOLKATA, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700026.

Certificate Of Incorporation: Download

MSME Certificate: Download